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We get you. And we can get you going.

What's our superpower? Since day one, Heather has been embedded in the addiction treatment industry and advocating for drug users, while Nina has been working in the design and marketing business. Why is this important to you? We know drug users and their families and we have the professional skills to reach them. We will use this superpower to help you develop your brand and reach your marketing goals.


We approach projects with a broad view.

We know it is important to see the entire perspective, and to understand your agency as a whole, so the resulting deliverables work with your company goals and existing strategies.


At brand addix, we take time to develop a creative brief for our clients, laying the groundwork for a targeted and focused design process. The brief is developed using a method that we designed as a way to to assess and calibrate your marketing plan, and to understand your needs and the desired outcome of the project.


Being sure of where you want to be headed will save you time and money. We will help you clarify the goals of your project and to outline what will be required for its success. Having a clear idea of the steps involved, now and in the future, will ensure you are on the right path.


Want to know more about how we came to be? Read our story here.


We know what we know,
and we know what we don't know.

We are experts at getting to the nitty-gritty of what your business needs to thrive. Assembling a custom team for each project allows us to use only the skills we need for success, keeping the job on budget and under control.


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Robbie McDonald

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“The results: we saw differently what would impact our business and how to address and adjust our priorities quickly. Our communications are well improved, and our close rates are dramatically up.”

— Rafi Musher, CEO Stax Inc.

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