Case Study: Individual Clinician




New branding for clinician-run trauma center.



Attract new clients and provide sales tools for networking. Develop the desired brand to capture the philosophy and personality of our client as a clinician, as well as her new center.



Using our custom client survey (link) to develop a creative brief, we worked closely with our client to build content strategy and clarify the desired brand.


With the brief as our guide, we edited and optimized the content to create a professional and clear message on target to the client's desired brand. She wanted her clients to truly understand what Reconnect is all about and to feel they could find the help they need. She wanted something unique, that represented her program specifically, not something templated or canned. We worked to design a look that feels hopeful, like the next step in trauma treatment, and that communicates the message in relevant and simple ways.



The resulting pieces are cohesive, representing the program true to the desired brand. The aesthetic is modern, simple and easy to read. Using the new materials has attracted more clients and referrals to Reconnect, and business has increased.



Brochure, business cards, website, intake forms.

“I love my website, brochures and cards. Most importantly, so do my clients and colleagues. I now have the tools I need to increase my client base and to accurately represent my new business. People can really see what the center is all about, and I can concentrate on what I am good at—running my business and helping clients.”

— Dr. Karol Darsa
Executive Director, Reconnect

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