The story of us.

Once upon a time, Nina and Heather met at a needle exchange training. Nina was volunteering for the Venice exchange and Heather was running the training program.


Right away, Nina was impressed by Heather’s drive and talent for helping the community. Heather was blown away by Nina's aesthetic sensibility.


Nina and Heather went on to work on many projects together. Heather’s obsession with helping addicts combined with Nina’s passion for presenting that message in a relatable way turned into a decades long collaboration. Every time Heather was tasked with a brand or rebrand, Nina was her go-to creative partner.


The more they worked together, the more they grew to appreciate and count on each other’s commitment to making each project the best it could be.


After all the years establishing and honing such a specific skill set as a team, Nina and Heather felt it would be crazy not to become brand addix tm and share these mad skills with the treatment industry.


“When you work with someone who is passionate about what they are doing,
it makes all the difference in the world.”

— Heather Edney

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