“Nina and Heather are a dynamic, intuitive team.

They’re expert at drawing out the message and intent of a team’s organization, business or initiative. Each process I’ve been involved with has been an unexpected journey to an aesthetic rendering of concise, conceptual branding."

—Danny Jenkins, Owner, We Write the Grants


"Heather and Nina were a big help clarifying our vision and developing our ideas. It was a great experience—I like them both personally & professionally.”

—Jenevieve Minelian, Executive Director, Victoria’s House


"Heather is just the real deal. Not only does she 'talk the talk' in a way that inspires and excites, but 'she walks the walk' with a commitment to which the rest of us might only aspire. Heather helps anyone she encounters—whether executive, co-worker, team, client, family member, friend, or even indigent addict struggling to recover—excel to their best self. Her mind always and entirely focused on how she can help facilitate or improve a system, task, idea, plan, situation, experience, dream, or person."

—Don Grant, Media Psychologist


"Nina helped us to audit our communications, make concrete choices about positioning, and to see the broad range of opportunities to improve the ways we engage with and communicate with our clients. The results—we saw differently what would impact our business and how to address and adjust our priorities quickly. Our communications are well improved, and our close rates are dramatically up."

—Rafi Musher, CEO Stax Inc.


"Of all the people I’ve known in my career in harm reduction and recovery, Heather Edney might very well be the person with the most unflappable mission and greatest degree of innate passion to ensure that drug users stay alive, do not become sick, and have hope for a better life. Heather embodies one of the most critical principles of harm reduction: to serve individuals who need care with dignity and respect, while taking into account how programs and policies can affect the larger community. Her wide range of experience has prepared her to advise and work in arenas as diverse as program development and implementation, marketing, interventions, educational materials development, policy advocacy, and fundraising. Heather Edney is a true collaborator, an inspiration, and an asset."

—Daniel Getzoff, Relational Center


"Nina makes sure I end up with exactly what I want. And if I’m not sure what I want, she helps me figure that out too."

—Tracy Firth, Vic Firth Company


"Heather Edney has 25 years of experience gathered from her immersion in every aspect of the field of drug dependency. She skillfully combines her capacity building with a creative mind to produce innovative sustainable, program design. Heather is at ease responding to the full spectrum of drug issues whether they be drug prevention, harm reduction or drug treatment. Her mastery of her subject matter means that she can advise and work in arenas as diverse as marketing, interventions, educational materials development and fundraising. She is a consummate professional with a well rounded, comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done to accomplish the greatest results."

—Dr. Sharon Stancliff, Medical Director, Harm Reduction Coalition


"Nina raised our Top Achievements Report to the next level with effective design and branding. The Report is now a must read in the environmental community!"

—Diane  Forte, Environment Now


The first time I saw Heather Edney, she was presenting at an addiction conference. It did not take long to notice her passion for helping others. Heather is a loving person, who is an important heartbeat in the treatment industry. Her creativity is professional and she is a forward thinker; always pushing the lines of ordinary to the realm of extraordinary.  Heather has a special warmth about her that is welcoming, gentle, and authentic. She is a humble leader, a strong businesswoman, and a gracious friend

—Angela Carrillo, Executive Director of Business Affairs, CAST


"Nina brings a high level of professionalism and is fun to work with. Her great ideas and creativity have enabled us to produce outreach materials that meet the high demands and expectations we require for our brand."

—Karl Bruskotter, City of Santa Monica


Heather is a marketer nonpareil, beloved by the dual diagnosis, mental health and drug and alcohol communities. She is savvy, brilliant and creative (I witnessed this firsthand on a daily basis while working together at a startup company) She is a loyal, trustworthy and wonderful colleague. Heather is one of the most sought after people in her field and that anyone lucky enough to get her on their team is quite fortunate.

—Seth Kadish, Psy.D, PCH Treatment Center


"Working with Nina is an absolute pleasure. She has depth of knowledge and an uncanny ability to understand the clients' needs. Creative. Professional. Always delivers on time and within budget. Never satisfied with the obvious, she always goes the extra mile and comes back with magic."

—Rob Grad, Ideas, Inc.


Heather is an incredibly passionate, engaging speaker with expertise that surpasses the rest! I have hired Heather numerous times to provide marketing and development services in addition to training centered on harm reduction and client engagement. She has surpassed not only my expectations but also has received rave reviews from participants in her workshops. Heather is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

—Sharon Chamberlain, Executive Director, Northern Nevada HOPES


"Nina Madjid is a joy to work with—efficient, artistic, smart, and practical."

—Larry Scripp, New England Conservatory

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