Case Study: Company-wide Rebrand




Company-wide rebrand of large treatment center.



Cri-Help needed an extreme makeover. Their logo and marketing materials were decades old and did not represent their position as one of the most well respected programs in the treatment industry. After expanding to multiple locations and employing hundreds of employees over the course of 30 years, Cri-Help’s marketing tools were grass-roots, outdated, and inconsistent. It was clear that Cri-Help had heart, but their brand did not convey the fact that they were leaders in the industry.



We began by developing a creative brief to clarify the goals and core values of the company. Having this clear guide helped us tackle one of our biggest challenges: collaborating with the board of directors and key staff members, while ensuring the end product met the long and short term goals of the company as a whole. Being able to refer back to the creative brief throughout the process resulted in a unified message that successfully met the goals of the rebrand.


Cri-Help was newly built, three-story facility designed to accommodate the needs of hundreds of clients. We knew it was imperative that the marketing materials convey the modern facilities and state of the art, competitive programs. We brought in a professional photographer, Karchi Perlman, to take facility photos and alumni portraits, which drove the storytelling throughout the campaign, and captured the essence of the program in a way that using stock or existing snapshots could not.


We also knew the rebrand needed to go beyond marketing materials, there needed to be an overall cultural shift — branding is only successful if it is consistent and permeates the whole culture. We helped management and staff understand that to improve the outside face of the program they needed to embrace and integrate their updated brand from within.


In terms of sustainability, staff buy-in was as critical as the end product. In order to be sure employees would actually use the marketing materials and style guides, we had to authentically represent the company and its internal brand, while at the same time look forward to the external goals of the business.



The business development department, the grant writing and foundation cultivation team, and the special project fundraising team have all provided consistent feedback regarding a dramatic increase in private pay referrals as a result of the new marketing collateral and optimized website.



Creative brief, core value development, program brochure/kit, donor brochure, facility brochures, logo, letterhead, style guide, memo pads, business cards, advertising.

“The process yielded branding consistency conveying confidence, serenity and strength. The design has been strong for years now, and the agency's leadership clearly sees the value of branding evolving along with the organization's progress.”


— Danny Jenkins, Cri-Help

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